Welcome to Terra Water Co. 9.5pH Alkaline Water with Electrolytes. Our bottles are compostable in appropriate facilities *. The bottles are only recyclable when sorted separately from other plastics - this product may not be recyclable in your area. The PLA used to manufacture Terra Water bottles comes from the by-products of agricultural cultivations grown for other purpose than producing polylactic acid. These cultivations are constantly renewed to supply food for human and livestock therefore and unlike oil based products, our product sources are renewable as long as human cultivate corn, beets, sugar cane or any other plant with sugar residue (see Ingeo site for sources of PLA).  Even though Terra Water is not a perfect solution, it is A Step In The Right Direction!




Our Bottle and Cap are made  100% from Plant By-products! Our Labels are laser printed from Vegetable Oil.

TERRA WATER 500ml X 24


What’s the deal with plant-based plastic bottles?

A growing trend in plastic bottle manufacturing is to seek non-petroleum sources, the most popular of which is polylactic acid (PLA). Plastics manufactured using plants are biodegradable and compostable, and therefore cause less environmental impact if they wind up in a landfill or the ocean.


However, PLA bottles may look like #1 plastic bottles, but they can’t be recycled using the same process because they aren’t PET resin (PLA is #7 plastic, or the “other” catchall). If you are buying PLA bottles, you want to compost them or throw them in the garbage instead of recycling them, unless your recycling program accepts #7 plastics.

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